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Baby It's Cold Outside

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Baby It's Cold Outside

While the chilly season might be the best time to enjoy your spa, ensuring it is properly looked after is a must for maximum enjoyment. Bojana Lazarevska discovers the tricks to making your spa work for you in winter.

For a lot of people, their spa or hot tub is exclusively used during summer and may even be drained and put away during the winter months. Your spa is a source of relaxation and enjoyment, so why not make the most of it year-round? There is nothing better than soaking in a hot tub on a particularly chilly winter night. With the proper care, your spa or hot tub can become your best ally against the cold weather.

To enjoy your spa during winter and ensure its proper operation, most experts’ first piece of advice is to avoid draining it, as it is difficult to get water out of the plumbing lines. As operation and technology varies from spa to spa, it’s important to familiarise yourself with your operating instructions, as they will have specific tips tailored to your spa regarding its operation during winter.

Under Control

Most spas come with a freeze protection system – proof that you should use your spa during winter. If your spa or hot tub is equipped with a freeze protection system, make sure it is activated. As the season gets cooler, your heat setting will need to be set a little higher than usual – some spas have a timer/automatic heat mode selector that can come in handy, just make sure its auto heat mode is set to protect your spa from freezing.

If you don’t have a freeze protection system set up, switch your timer to cycle at frequent intervals – at least 15 minutes every hour is recommended for very cold conditions. If you’re a frequent spa user, it’s more energy-efficient to keep your spa at a constant temperature than to let it cool down, then heat it up again, so make sure you keep yours at a constant toasty warm.

Take Cover

Think about investing in a spa cover, as harsh unpredictable winter weather like rain and wind can wreak havoc on any spa. A good quality cover is also essential for reducing the overall energy requirements of your hot tub, as a thermal cover will help keep the heat in. A cover is an inexpensive and valuable investment for your spa.

As well as covering your spa when not in use, you can also take precautions to protect the spa and its users while it is being enjoyed. Overhead protection will allow you to take a dip in your spa, even if it is raining. As well as shielding the spa’s users, this will also prevent rain from entering the spa, which would reduce the water’s cleanliness and temperature. Overhead protection could be in the form of a waterproof umbrella, awning or louvred pergola.

Shielding your spa from the elements isn’t just about rain either. A windbreak will defend spa users from any chilly winter breezes, which will mean that the water temperature will not need to be as high. It will also offer protection from evaporation and ensure any debris doesn’t enter the spa while you’re using it. A windbreak could be a line of non-deciduous trees, a wall, a solid fence, or even a screen.

Water Wise

To make sure the heater is running properly, it’s recommended you check your water temperature daily. Nowadays, digital thermometers have low- temperature warning alarms that wirelessly monitor the water from inside the home, and will sound when the water temperature gets too low.

Keep an eye on the spa water level as well, particularly if you don’t use it every day. If your spa loses too much water, the pumps and heater may stop working, which might cause the water to freeze – definitely an undesirable outcome.

Because of the injection of cold air into the spa water, energy consumption is greatly increased in winter when your air jets are running. If you’re a fan of the jets, make sure you have them turned off when the spa is not in use.

The Finishing Touches

Once you have taken care of all the technicalities, it’s time to jump in, soak and relax. There is no reason not to enjoy the relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits of your spa year-round. In fact, the benefits of an outdoor spa or hot tub only multiply during winter.

A little extra attention to detail will make your spa more enjoyable. Think about installing heated towel racks outside, to keep your towels nice and warm while you soak. In the tub, it’s going to be lovely, but you want to make sure you keep the toasty feeling going once you get out. Fluffy bathrobes are always a good option, as are warm pyjamas, so keep some nearby.

As winter nights are longer, lighting around your spa is important and most spas have their own internal lights that make the water appear even more inviting. This can be complemented by landscape lighting, which will not only set the mood, but ensure safety when entering and exiting the spa.

From the Alps to Alaska, people everywhere make the most of their spas and hot tubs during winter. If you have never tried it, now is the time to start, and following these tips will ensure you get maximum use and enjoyment out of your spa during the cooler seasons.

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