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Fade Away

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Fade Away

To guarantee your pool has a strong visual impact, it’s important it retains a bright and inviting interior hue. Stevie Newbegin discovers the best ways to ensure your pool interior is bursting with colour long into the future.

While a pool’s shape, design and positioning are defining features, its interior is the real standout. The heart of the pool, the interior colour attracts viewers to the pool and invites them to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing oasis.

Today’s interior colours are vibrant and reflective – ensuring a glistening pool hard to resist. However, what if the colour fades, and your pool becomes less-than-appealing to retreat to? While pool interiors have developed incredibly in recent years due to improved materials and composites, they can still be prone to fading.

Here, Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design looks into the reasons why pool interior colours fade, as well as the best ways to prevent it, so that you can ensure a bold interior at every stage of your pool’s life.


Sunlight can add a striking effect to a pool interior, for example sparkling qualities, but it can also lead to reduced colour brilliance. Under intense sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause your interior colour to pale, especially above the water surface.

For example, imagine if you left your bathers and/or beach towel outside near the pool for a prolonged period of time. The colour would likely fade due to the sun’s rays, and the same goes for pool interiors.

Advanced technology with pool renders, liners and shells have ensured that sunlight is less of an issue and that interiors are less prone to fading, but there are still second-rate products that won’t have these warranties. If you have an older pool, you may also have an out-dated pool interior that doesn’t have the same colour-fast properties, so it’s important to be on the lookout.

The location of your pool will also make a difference – if your pool is positioned in direct sunlight and you live in a warmer climate, your interior has a higher chance of fading. Compare your pool interior colour at different ends/areas of the pool to see if any particular areas are fading due to sunlight.

To prevent sunlight affecting your pool interior colour, there are different steps you can take. The first is to position your pool in a location that won’t receive direct sunlight. Not only will this reduce the impact on your pool’s colour, but it will also be better for the environment as it will reduce water evaporation. That said, this option will only work if the pool is still to be constructed.

The second option is to use a pool cover when the pool isn’t in use. A pool cover will protect your interior from harsh UV light, as well as keep any dirt or debris out of your pool. It really is win, win!


The main perpetrator of colour-loss in a swimming pool interior is due to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. Because chlorine is a halogen, prolonged contact can cause a pool interior to fade and/or for the colour to be stripped away completely.

Using the example of bathers or a beach towel again, you can imagine how the excessive use of a harsh chemical could reduce the colour clarity of these items; the dyes aren’t made to withstand these elements.

Again, the impact that chemicals have will depend on the make and durability of your pool interior. As all pools need to be sanitised, interior companies have created new and innovative products that can reduce the damage of chlorine.

To ensure chemicals don’t get the best of your interior, it’s important to make sure you aren’t over chlorinating your pool; over chlorinating is what accelerates the fading of a pool interior.

A good way to prevent this is to install a saltwater chlorinator. This will ensure a consistent dose of chlorine is introduced into your pool, and will reduce the need for chlorine ‘shocking’. After you have sanitised your pool, it’s also a good idea not to put a cover on it right away, as this will trap in the chemicals.


If you are lucky enough to be constructing a new pool, then your best option is to do your research and choose a colour-fast pool interior. From fibreglass pool shells to rendered products and even tiling, there are a range of innovative pool interior products that argue to be fade-resistant and colour-fast.

When you are making your decision, make sure that you find out what your pool interior is made of and question the supplier about the fade-resistant properties. For some, it may be the case that it is only going to retain its colour for the first few years, while for others it should be closer to ten years or the lifetime of the product.

It’s also important to ensure your product has a ‘finish’ warranty, and that you understand the supplier’s cleaning and sanitising requirements. If you don’t adhere to these, the warranty may be made void and/or you may unintentionally damage the interior.

Whether you choose to prevent colour-loss from your existing pool, or to install a state-of- the-art pool interior that will be fade-resistant, you won’t regret it. A beautifully coloured pool will be the difference between something drab and unappealing or bright and inviting. Happy swimming!


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