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Painless Pool Times

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Painless Pool Times

Owning a swimming pool and beautiful alfresco area is a dream that most Australians aspire to fulfil, however, hidden running costs may make this dream harder to attain. Bojana Lazarevska speaks to Stephen O’Leary of Total Energy Wealth Solutions to find out about cutting the costs of pool ownership.

If you’re a current pool owner, or are thinking of installing one, you’re probably aware that running costs of even the most modest pool can quickly start mounting up to the point where you begin to question whether it’s all worth it.

When you receive your bill each quarter, you’re reminded of the real price of pool ownership, and with costs rising an average seven per cent annually, it’s important to make pools as energy- efficient as possible.

Stephen O’Leary studied Sustainability Assessment and Thermal Efficiency at Swinburne University, and knows all about keeping energy costs down.

“I know Melbourne and Sydney very well, [and] when I see [an energy] bill for $2000, when the average cost for [the] area is half that, I [think] to myself swimming pool,” says O’Leary.

Recognising that up to 50 per cent of bills associated with owning a swimming pool are as a result of its equipment, O’Leary set out to explore the best products to help keep your costs down.

Companies such as Viron Pool Pumps, Hayward Pool Products and Davey Water Products have equipment in their range that helps reduce the running cost of pool pumps – the main energy- hungry culprit – by up to 80 per cent.

“I know the Viron [pool pumps] are about $1200 installed, so the payback is [received in] less than a year ... and they do work,” O’Leary explains.

In Victoria, the state government will even assist with payment for your pool pump to achieve greater efficiency – just refer to its website for more information (

All other equipment should also be checked by pool maintenance professionals to ensure maximum energy efficiency for your pool.

“I’m also very enthusiastic about the emergence of pool heating by Heat Pump,” says O’Leary. “Believe me, it works.”

By installing a solar system on your roof and combining it with a pool heater from Heat Pump, running costs for your pool and house will be virtually nothing. For any assistance, email [email protected] or visit www. to talk to the experts about how solar panels can help you save.

“It is not a dream; it is possible and is happening now, [and] your home’s value will increase significantly,” says O’Leary.

Visit the Total Energy Wealth Solutions website today to receive a free PDF copy of O’Leary’s book titled The Freedom House (hardcopy RRP valued at $49.95), to find out more about how paying utility bills can be optional.


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