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The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company The Pool Enclosure Company
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For this project, the Pool enclosure company used its corso model lean-to enclosure design to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing pool enclosure. designed to utilise the adjacent wall for the overhead track placement, the enclosure made good use of the home’s side wall.

The owners of this Melbourne-based property wanted an enclosure that would allow them to use their pool year- round, without being stuck with a permanent or unsightly structure. to meet these needs, the Pool enclosure company installed a retractable enclosure that can be opened when the weather is nice, and closed when it’s cold or wet out, and is made from uv protected polycarbonate for protection against the sun’s rays.

The enclosure’s innovative wall and ground tracks are easy to use, while its angular shape and vertical design allows swimmers to move around inside without bumping their heads. Sitting flush with the surrounding hardscaping, the clever system is a stylish addition to the home’s outdoor area.

Maximising your pool’s efficiency, an enclosure from the Pool enclosure company will naturally heat your pool by approximately ten degrees and reduce heating costs by up to 70 per cent, while also making your pool more sustainable.

The Pool enclosure company specialises in retractable pool enclosures, lean-to and terrace enclosures – suitable for pools and a range of other applications – and motorised retractable roofs.

Servicing a national client base, the company can assist with the design and construction of a large variety of outdoor enclosure solutions. Since its establishment in 2010, the Pool enclosure company’s founder James hutchins has worked hard to ensure his business’ name is synonymous with success.

The Pool enclosure company has received recognition from some of the industry’s most sought-after award committees, including the Swimming Pool and Spa association (SPaSa) of victoria. client satisfaction is one of the company’s biggest considerations with the team consistently receiving positive feedback: “we are really happy with the end result and definitely think the money was well spent”.


Project 1



This project, designed by The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC), required a design with an angular shape to suit the clients’ tastes, while keeping the track width to a minimum to fit within the constraints of one side of the pool. The stunning transformation provides year-round usage, less debris in the pool and better insulating properties than a pool cover.

The easy to operate retractable enclosure has a slim-line profile, an access door to provide entry during cooler months and aesthetics that suit the site and the clients’ taste. The enclosure is high enough to swim underneath and is accessed via the lateral sliding door. When the weather permits, the enclosure can be effortlessly retracted open.

Once the enclosure is installed, it almost eliminates evaporation and chemical loss, while reducing heating requirements by more than 70 per cent. The enclosure naturally insulates the pool, and energy and water sustainability are achieved.

Pool enclosures are the most modern and functional method of enclosing a swimming pool and have been changing the way Australians use and manage their pools. TPEC’s pool enclosures are designed to completely enclose and seal a pool or spa from the outside environment to provide maximum usage.

TPEC’s client, Andrew, was thrilled with the results, stating the product enhanced the look and value of his property, while transforming the area into a useable space.

Andrew strongly recommends TPEC to other buyers, claiming, “you get what you pay for: a quality product with European design and resolve, and a professional team to manage its delivery.”

Whether you’re looking for a low-, medium- or high-enclosure solution, TPEC has a retractable enclosure option to suit your needs. The pool enclosures come in a premium range of high-quality design, colour and polycarbonate options, enabling you to choose an enclosure that is world-class, functional and stylish, while adding value to your home and improving your lifestyle.

TPEC is the Australian representative for IPC/Alukov, the world’s leading supplier of pool enclosures, and services customers throughout Australia. TPEC has also won a major product award at the SPASA Victoria awards night – the gold award in the sustainability category.