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Recognising the changing needs of its consumers and the importance of providing choice, Hayward Pool Products (Australia) has designed and manufactured a new and unique range of automatic pool cleaners to meet the everchanging demands of modern pools.

The Hayward Pool Products (Australia) range includes a variety of systems to cater for every individual need, each one designed to enhance your swimming pool experience. The company’s products can return any pool, private or commercial, to a state of purity in the most quiet and efficient way.

The ultra-modern robotic pool cleaners are a popular option for providing functionality in a sleek design to suit any taste or budget, while the TigerShark™ QC range differentiates itself with its ability to clean a pool in as little as one hour, therefore resulting in huge energy savings.

The range of turbine suction cleaners includes the Navigator Pro™, PoolVac XL™ and AquaCritter™ – products at the forefront of the industry. They simply attach to your existing filtration system, requiring no special tools or installation.

The unique patented Aquapilot® system incorporated also ensures that the cleaners will not stick to any ladders, steps or swim-outs, and also allows for completely silent operation, so as not to disturb your swimming experience.

Another popular option is the economically priced DV 5000, which utilises a random cleaning pattern – an ideal choice for almost any backyard pool.

With extensive knowledge and more than a decade of experience in the industry, Hayward Pool Products (Australia) prides itself on being leader in the distribution and manufacturing of pool equipment, providing a personalised service to all its clients.

Together with eco-friendly Hayward Energy Solutions’ products to deliver environmentally responsible products at a low cost, Hayward Pool Products (Australia) is the ultimate option when it comes to achieving impeccable pool cleanliness.