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Up to 50 per cent of drowning incidents among children under the age of five happen in residential swimming pools. For this reason, Remco Australia’s energy-efficient pool covers also include a range of exclusive safety features, so you can relax during your family barbecues, instead of being stressed about your children’s safety.

Designed to keep children, pets, and adults safe in the backyard, Remco Australia’s pool covers are durable, and can support the weight of an average-sized adult.

The company’s range of pool covers includes PoolGuard, Coverstar, and Swimroll. All of these products are custom- made and can be fitted as an extra layer of protection to pools of any shape or size.

Made from heavy-duty materials, the covers are resistant to wear and tear and also generate heat and energy- savings. A pool cover from Remco Australia’s comprehensive range is a long-term safety investment that conserves water and heat and keeps the pool debris free.

The cover of choice for families, PoolGuard features self-sinking stainless steel connections that create tension and reinforce the cover. Constructed from cross-woven polyester, PoolGuard is PVC coated, UV stabilised, and protected with an antifungal treatment to ensure the cover remains mould-free. The PoolGuard cover can be operated manually or semi-automatically by one person, and ensures the water remains free of dirt and debris.

Coverstar, on the other hand, is a safety-enhanced automated pool cover system that eliminates the usual risks associated with poolside entertainment. The fully-automatic vinyl cover system is firmly fixed onto two tracks, is key operated, and rolls on and off in approximately 60 seconds for instant cover.

The last of Remco Australia’s innovative pool cover systems is Swimroll, which features a range of safety inclusions without compromising on style. The cover floats above a specially constructed safety ledge that is 50mm wide (in new pools). This automatic cover system can also be installed above or below ground for enhanced aesthetic appeal, with design options available for existing pools. Constructed from high-grade PVC or Polycarbonate extrusions, the panels are hollow to ensure high buoyancy. When fully closed, the cover can hold approximately 80 kilograms.

Specialising in motorised, automated, and multi-functional pool cover systems, Remco Australia operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, and can assist with installations and custom fittings.

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Remco australia is the proud producer of the unique and seamless coverstar. this state-of-the-art cover provides pool owners with a product that encompasses both functionality and style. its exceptional design allows the cover to be deck-mounted or discreetly installed on recessed tracks, which ensures the cover does not compromise on the pool area’s aesthetic appeal.

Coverstar is fully-automated and easy to use, with minimal effort required to cover and uncover the pool. designed to reduce the amount of chemicals required for pool maintenance, coverstar also ensures the pool remains dirt- and debris-free when it’s not in use.

Coverstar is made from extremely durable materials to ensure added safety, and can hold the weight of an adult. it also features a key switch for operation, which can be integrated into a lockable box to prevent unauthorised access.

Providing a secondary layer of protection to your pool, coverstar is perfect for when children and pets are around.

The pool cover also retains heat and reduces water evaporation by up to 90 per cent, creating savings of up to 70 per cent on heating costs. Pool filtering cycle times are quicker and the water will only take a couple of hours to warm up, compared to up to ten hours when using a traditional pool cover. designed to reduce the amount of chemicals required for pool maintenance, coverstar is also an environmentally-friendly option.

In addition to traditional rectangle pools, remco australia can work around unique shapes, such as rounded or asymmetrical designs. coverstar can also be fitted to infinity-edge or wet-edge pools and is the only fully- automated option suitable for freeform pools.

Remco australia supplies and installs motorised, automated and multifunctional pool cover systems. in 1986 architect Michael Bialek saw market demand for modern, multifunctional, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing pool cover products. remco australia has been trading ever since and its production facilities are based right here in australia.

When it comes to protecting your pool, as well as saving time and money, remco australia is a company you can trust.