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This striking pool and spa is a prelude to the property’s modern residence, complete with views of its glistening waters from the indoor theatre room. The sleek pool features glass mosaic tiles in different shades of blue, creating an impressive contrast with the home’s surrounding colours, including the paving, rendered walls and the residence itself.

The lap pool runs the length of the house with clear views of its water visible from both levels of the home and the outdoor entertaining zone. Glass fencing surrounds the pool and paved area, which is adjacent to the stone-cladded feature wall with its sheer waterfall that can easily be enjoyed all year round with the soothing sound of cascading water.

While indoors, the pool still creates a visual effect from the home’s theater room, which is visible through a clear water acrylic window that runs nearly the whole length of the pool.

A Remco Underground Swimroll Automated Cover System has been installed to maintain the pool’s heated water temperature, ensuring easy maintenance of the pool.

The pool has utilised a larger sized flter, pumps and a heater, as well as separate pumps for the six spa jets and solar heating. The Astral Equilibrium Salt Chlorinator ensures the water remains crystal clear, while the pool and spa is illuminated by niche Spa Electric recessed multi coloured LED lights.

Total automation of all equipment is achieved by an Astral Viron Connect 10 remote control system, and the pool’s water level is automatically topped up by a Water witch leveler. Self-cleaning of the pool’s interior is achieved with the installation of a PV3 in-?oor cleaning and circulation system.

Some obstacles were faced when trying to please everyone involved in the project. When working in conjunction with the builder, architect and the homeowner, fnding the perfect project balance can be diffcult, but the end result is clearly nothing short of spectacular!

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The straight lines of this formal and elegant pool complement the design of the new residence. The pool wraps around the house, setting the perfect scene for a cold winter night, where the owners can relax in front of the fireplace and admire the blue glistening water and the floodlit wall.

The pool has been designed to combine a traditional lap pool with a space for recreation. Keen swimmers can exercise in the 10.8m x 1.2m lap pool area, while there is still room for more relaxed swimming as the pool widens to 4m x 4.2m.

The construction of this impressive pool was managed diplomatically between the varying builders, the architect and the owners. This was necessary as the site did create a degree of difficulty for those involved. The outcome, however, has produced a stunning outdoor area for the owners to take pride in.

All of the equipment used by Cantwell Pools & Courts is to the highest standard and quality possible. The pool uses Swim-more solar heating, and a salt chlorinator with reverse polarity eliminates the need to clean the cell. A Rolachem pH balancer ensures water quality is perfect year-round, and the pool is illuminated with four Spa Electrics LED multi-coloured recessed niche lights.

Cantwell Pools & Courts is a leader in the design and construction of in-ground swimming pools, spas and tennis courts. The company has more than 20 years of experience, which has seen the development of a reputation for producing high quality results on all projects. Whether clients are looking for modest backyard dreams or majestic landscape visions,

Cantwell Pools & Courts can tailor a design to suit individual lifestyles.

The approach the company takes is simple – it is one that ensures open communication between the client, architect and builder at all stages of the project. Cantwell Pools & Courts is a registered pool builder and a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). This ensures the team has the expertise and professionalism to turn individual visions into a reality.