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Designed by Scott Wynd of TLC Pools, this stunning pool and landscape recently won a gold medal at the prestigious international 2010 Chelsea Garden Show. The ‘Australian Garden’ showcases exactly what TLC does best; a pool and landscape package that concentrates on great functional design as well as stunning construction details.

The award winning design is the pinnacle of modern outdoor living. T he pool, spa, kitchen, pavilion and lounge areas are enveloped by a lush, tropical garden, creating a luxurious haven.

Typical of many Australian gardens, this garden has been designed as an entertainment space. It aims to unite the love Australians have for outdoor living with modern architecture and green space. Incorporating a swimming pool and spa as well as a sunken lounge and functional open-aired kitchen, the whole site is a stylish living space that unites the comforts of the home in the seclusion of a lush garden.

The kitchen is the hub of the design and links several of the constructed elements of the garden. The sunken lounge area offers casual entertaining space and is located to one side of the kitchen, defined by a feature pergola. The kitchen also incorporates a bar area that is accessible from within the pool, and all of the benchtops, appliances and cabinetry are weatherproof. Large stepping stones over the pool blur the boundary between the pool and the spa and provide access into the multi-functional room.

Paving materials are used extensively, and have been selected with aesthetic and environmental considerations in mind. The pool is tiled with black mosaic tiles, chosen to exaggerate the depth of the body of water, and large acrylic windows in the pool and spa allow interaction between adjoining areas.

The warm tones of the timber decking in the lounge area encourage a relaxed feel, and the use of sculptures directs viewing into the garden and continues the circular pattern that is prominent within the design. The plants have been selected to give a very dense, lush feel to the garden.

TLC Pools would like to thank the sponsors that have made this garden what it is: Anston Paving, Boral Masonry, Clearwater Acrylic, ME Lighting, Multipanel, Pool Water Products, Spa Electrics and Sculptura and also extend a very special thanks to Wes Fleming from Flemings Nurseries who backs and makes the Trailfinders’ Australian Garden a reality every year.

“It was a huge privilege to be selected by Wes to design the Australian Garden and an even bigger honour to have it built by a large crew of highly skilled volunteer tradesmen brilliantly led by Scott Tymkin. Without the support of all of the above I would never have been able to fulfil my dreams on the world stage of horticulture and design. It has been an overwhelming experience and I would like to thank all involved,” said Scott Wynd.

Scott Wynd started TLC Pools in 2004 as an extension of TLC Total Landscape and Construction, which was begun in 1992, and he is extremely passionate about designing both pools and landscapes. TLC Pools are far from just pool builders; they design and construct pools and outdoor lifestyles for prestige properties.