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The owners of this eastern suburbs property had renovated their large family home’s interior to give it a modern new look. This left the backyard in stark contrast, needing to be brought up-to-date to complement the renovated home.

Apple Pools provides a range of services to professionally rejuvenate older pools that are out-dated or have fallen into disrepair, from minor restorations through to complete transformations of pools and entertaining areas.

Stuck in the 1970s, the existing pool featured brick coping and a damaged interior, but did not require any structural changes. Apple Pools gave the pool a fresh new look, pairing dark blue waterline tiles with a vibrant stone render interior. The spa was fully-tiled, combining the waterline tiles found in the pool with luxurious mosaics.

To highlight the rejuvenated interior, Apple Pools installed new underwater lighting. The homeowners can now relax and entertain into the evening.

A tell-tale sign of an older pool, the brick coping was removed and replaced with modern ceramic tiles in a natural stone hue. The tiles are the perfect complement to the tropical-inspired landscaping, which was organised by Apple Pools.

The lucky homeowners now have not only a modern outdoor space, but a lush private oasis.

Formerly known as Young’s Pool Shop, Apple Pools was established by Mark Speirs and Paul Balloch in 2011, drawing on more than 30 years of experience. An independently-operated pool and spa business, the company is focused on providing the highest levels of customer service.

The team’s recommendations are always based on its customers’ needs, with an aim of finding the most efficient and competitively priced solutions to meet each client’s requirements.

Based in Box Hill, Apple Pools services suburbs throughout metropolitan Melbourne.


Apple Pools provides a range of services to professionally rejuvenate older pools that are outdated or have fallen into disrepair. From minor repairs through to complete transformations of pools and entertaining areas, our services include:

  • Pool resurfacing /rendering
  • Pool tiling
  • Pool liner replacement
  • Pool painting
  • Pool plumbing and welding
  • Supply and installation of pool equipment including pool heaters
  • Solar equipment supply and installation

Pool Renovations & Resurfacing

Thinking about renovating your pool or require pool resurfacing or pool painting services? Then you have come to the right place. Apple Pools is one of the leading service providers when it comes to pool renovations and other related services.

Renovating your pool or spa was never this easy. We specialize in transfiguring your pool and spa according to your desires, adding elegance and class to your life. You can now have a pool you've always dreamt of. To ensure that every customer is satisfied, we make sure that our work is of the highest possible standard.

Whether you want to renovate a small area or get the entire pool renovation package, we are here to cater to your every need. Our team is highly skilled to provide you with the best pool resurfacing and pool-painting services for your domestic and commercial use, making your pool stand out! We are firmly committed to achieving your desired goals.

We strive to gain your approval at every step; therefore, our customer service department will be happy to coordinate with you on the project anytime you want. Our experts are always available for consultation about everything you need to know about your pool, whether it is prior to renovation or throughout it. A makeover by Apple Pools will leave your pools and spas looking stunning. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Pool Tiling

If you are having trouble in deciding what sort of renovation you need, our designers will guide you through our diverse range of products. With the wide range of options, you can now have a renovation tailored to your needs. Let your wildest dreams come true. Rest assured, when we have finished, you will be amazed every time you look at your newly renovated pool.

Contemplative landscaping can be very important when renovating your pool. Your pool will come up looking modern but mabe let down by the surrounds. Our landscaping consultant can help you make the most of your investment, assisting you in achieving a pool area you always dreamt of having.

Pool tilling now enters a whole new level with Apple pools. Your desired ambience can now be achieved with our diverse range of tiles. You can choose what colour, shade, size and shape of the tile you want. Apple Pools will always deliver quality materials for your pool surfaces and offer innovative ideas that will provide brilliant finish and textures to your pool.

Pool Landscaping

Thoughtful landscaping is key to making the most of your pool and entertainment area. Our landscaping consultant can help you achieve an outdoor living area to suit your pool and lifestyle.

Contact us today and take the first step towards having a better pool and spa.