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A wide array of possibilities emerge when using timber-look porcelain tiles in your outdoor areas. Timber-look tiles can dramatically change your alfresco space, bringing an added sense of warmth and sophistication.

Leigh Marie Dodd discusses the many benefits of installing timber-look porcelain tiles in your outdoor space.

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Whether you’re looking for flooring that is more economical, eco-friendly or easier to style, adding timber-look porcelain tiles will elevate your home, both indoors and outdoors. Porcelain tiling can emulate wood flooring features; cleverly combining the elegance and warmth of real wood, while providing the practical benefits of porcelain tiles. Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design explores the range of practical and visual benefits to utilising this tiling in your property.

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Practicality is one of the reasons that timber-look porcelain tiles are growing in popularity. Being both scratch and stain resistant, these hardy tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas in and around your home, making it perfect for large families or avid entertainers. Timber-look porcelain tiles are also fade-resistant, meaning that frequent sun exposure will not result in the discolouration of your flooring.

Real timber can add an inviting look to your home, but can be difficult to maintain and can prove costly in the long run. Timber-look porcelain tiles are often a better alternative economically, allowing you to achieve an effortless timber look without worrying about the cost. In addition, upkeep needs to be kept in mind when using traditional timber flooring in your alfresco area. This type of flooring often needs an added treatment before it can be used, to protect the flooring from its surrounding environment. Timber flooring can also warp and bend when e exposed to different elements, such as water, sun and heat.

A low-maintenance alternative, timber-look porcelain tiles can be installed in your alfresco or pool area, but also indoors in wet areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or mudroom. The durability of these tiles is ideal for a multitude of homes; whether you live close to the beach or tend to frequent your backyard pool. To maintain your timber-look tiling and keep it looking squeaky-clean, consider sweeping the area daily and occasionally mopping up any build up of dirt or excess water, especially if installing this flooring around your pool area.


For eco-conscious homeowners, timber-look porcelain tiles are economically friendly; instead of cutting down trees and using real wood, these tiles are often manufactured with clay or sand, adding to its longevity.

Consider using recycled material where possible or see if you can obtain this type of flooring from a pool tiling company that uses eco-friendly methods. If you’re revamping your current alfresco flooring, reuse elements of your old flooring, such as the trim, to cut down on waste.


Family homes come with plenty of wear and tear and can be difficult to maintain long term. Timber-look porcelain tiles are manufactured to withstand abrasions that occur from daily life. This type of flooring is also easy to clean, making it effortlessly manageable for families. Additionally, the composition of the tiling allows chemical cleaning products to be used without corroding your floor. Its low porous design prevents the absorption of damaging chemicals found in cleaning products, adding to the tile’s longevity.

These timber-style tiles also come in a variety of graining patterns, preventing slippage while also giving you a plethora of options to choose from. This gives you the feeling of traditional wood without the worry of slipping when paired with moisture or water, allowing you to place this flooring around your pool. Families with pets needn’t worry about scratches or stains, and depending on where your tiling is installed, dust, pollen, pet dander and grass clippings won’t aggravate existing allergies, as the tiling can be cleaned in a breeze.


Timber-look porcelain tiles can elevate the look of your home and alfresco area and suit a wide array of styles from a contemporary haven to a relaxed, beach-side abode. The versatile flooring can add character to a space with various patterns and colouring; whether you’re after a distressed style to give off a rustic flair, or utilising sleek, glossy timber for a contemporary finish. Timber-look porcelain tiles can also soften the surrounds, allowing other points of interest to emerge.

Because of the multitude of styling options, your flooring can be a main focal point or complement your alfresco area’s styling, uniting similar styles and furnishings for a harmonious result. Give your pool area a spa-like quality by using all timber accents, or bring the indoors outside by having a continuous, free-flowing design throughout your property. Consider colours, textures and placement when deciding on timber-look porcelain tiles for your alfresco or pool area. If you’re looking to stray from the traditional look of wooden flooring, opt for unique patterns when laying your tiles, such as herringbone, to provide added depth to your outdoor space.

The beauty of timber-look porcelain tiles lies in the abundance of options available to create an alfresco area that is tailored to you and your family, both in its styling and its practicality. With plenty of options to explore, timber-look tiles can be the bespoke showstopper for your outdoor entertainment area, simultaneously unifying your indoor and outdoor area and effortlessly impressing your guests.

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