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Seaview Cabinets
Seaview Cabinets

An Apple A Day…

May 14, 2021 | Industry News

Keeps the pool repairman away! Apple Pools is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to guarantee the best results for its clients by using revolutionary products and technology. Embracing this philosophy, Apple Pools is delighted to announce the addition of two new pioneering products to its inventory, Pool Controls’ Ozone XLM with pH and ecoFINISH’s pool coatings.

Apple Pools has scrupulously selected ecoFINISH’s products as it believes it is currently unrivalled. After months of rigorous testing and engineering, ecoFINISH created unparalleled swimming pool finishes that require low maintenance and will withstand the incessant abuse of aquatic conditions without the need for repair or replacement for numerous years – outlasting even the most durable tiles and renders.

Apple Pools also utilises the Ozone XLM with pH system as it provides a unique means of managing your pool’s water system. This mineral system reduces the number of harsh chemicals used and creates a freshwater experience that enriches your muscles and skin with essential minerals, keeping your muscles feeling revitalised and your skin glowing.

Contact Apple Pools today to see how this revolutionary technology can transform your swimming pool experience today!