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April Pools Day

Apr 23, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 22

Pool owners embrace April Pools Day safety campaign

Pool owners are taking the opportunity to learn the lifesaving skill of CPR by signing up for Poolwerx’s free online CPR course, which could help them save a life.

With only one week left to take advantage of the free offer, John O’Brien, the CEO and founder of Poolwerx, is encouraging pool owners to sign up for the CPR course before it’s too late.

“Our research showed us that 75 per cent of parents admitted they were not confident they had the CPR skills to save a life[1],” O’Brien said. “That’s why we teamed with Australian Red Cross and Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive program to make it simple, fast and free to get CPR training.”

With almost half of drowning deaths in children under five occurring in swimming pools[2], O’Brien said it was important that parents were equipped with the skills that could save the life of their child or a child in their care.

“April Pools Day is a key component of our annual water safety campaign and Poolwerx is continuing to make a difference with campaigns like this, which address key industry safety issues.”

O’Brien said pool owners wishing to complete the free online CPR course could visit their local Poolwerx store anytime until April 30th during the April Pools Day campaign[3].

“They will be provided with a codeword they can use to redeem a voucher for the free course,” he said. “People do not need to be a Poolwerx customer to take advantage of this offer.”

The online course only takes a few hours to complete and begins the process of equipping pool owners with the right knowledge to help save a life in an emergency situation.

Laurie Lawrence, the founder of Kids Alive and an advocate of April Pools Day, said anything that would help reduce drowning statistics and improve pool safety in Australia was worth getting behind.

“Last year, drowning deaths in children under five increased by 32 per cent[4]and we all have a role to play to help reduce this tragic statistic,” he said. “April Pools Day speaks to our fifth important step to reduce the risk of preschool drowning and that’s ‘Learn how to resuscitate’. It is absolutely vital that parents have this skill, as a child is four times more likely to survive if given CPR.”

First-aid trainer for the Australian Red Cross Janie McCullagh said that almost 30 per cent of parents surveyed by Poolwerx believed they did not need to obtain CPR training as their partner knew how to perform CPR.

“Children can get into trouble in the water anywhere and at any time, and that’s why it’s so important for all parents to be confident that they could perform CPR in an emergency,” she said. “The Australian Red Cross’ online CPR training program gives people the opportunity to update their knowledge of CPR and they can then pay to complete a short practical course to obtain their full CPR certificate.”

For more information, visit www.aprilpoolsday.com.au

For more information about Australian Red Cross, visit www.redcross.org.au



[1] Research conducted by PureProfile on behalf of Poolwerx 300 sample


[3] The free course is a limited offer with 2000 courses available nationally.