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Birds Eye Media

Birds Eye Media provides professional photography and videography services, specialising in real estate photography, videography, interviews, 360 degree videos and photos.

Birds Eye Media’s vision is to become one of the most trusted creative media companies in Perth and Australia. The team is passionate about photography, design, videos, drones and connecting with the world around us.

Birds Eye Media’s aim is to deliver outstanding customer service, coupled with competitive prices for all of its customers. Birds Eye Media wants to build long lasting meaningful relationships with all it clients. The company is a huge fan of technology and harnessing its power to build a more creative world, and is constantly looking at new technologies and ways it can provide more services to its customers.

Birds Eye Media is a boutique creative agency with a focus on drone photography and drone videography services based in Perth, Western Australia.

Not only does the company offer outstanding aerial UAV drone services  and provide the best Perth Drone Operators, but its can also offer stunning video production, filming and editing to tell your story in a way like no other.

Birds Eye Media’s roots are creative services that spark imagination and encourage its clients to be bold and daring. Birds Eye Media  believes that all the creative services it offer go hand in hand and provide an all in one solution for all of your visual and creative needs.


Birds Eye Media

Mobile: 0430 433 266
Email:  info@birdseyemedia.com.au
Website: www.birdseyemedia.com.au