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Image Credit: Mojito Outdoor Kitchens

Let’s assume you’re in the planning stages of your very own outdoor centrepiece. Perhaps you enjoy a regular, early morning swim, or perhaps you’re often entertaining guests at your home. The problem is that a bare concrete finish, even painted, may not be the prettiest, and you want something that will truly dazzle onlookers. Perhaps it’s time to shake it up a bit, and a great way to do that is with mosaic tiles. Here, Thomas Henry talks with Terry Richards, owner of Tiles For Pools, about the range on offer and how you can use it to spritz up your pool with the latest in mosaic tile style.

If you’re having a concrete pool designed for your outdoor living space, then you may be looking to have it tiled. It’s a good idea and can look far more fashionable than just the bare or painted concrete – a great way to stand out from the crowd. There are many options available, and Tiles For Pools supplies an extensive range to builders and designers across Australia. The team can give you specialist, expert advice that goes beyond a passing trend in the styles on offer.

Terry Richards has been a part of the tile industry for more than 37 years, and for 32 years worked in a tile wholesale company that ultimately closed its operations. Tiles For Pools emerged from the closure, a wholesaler specialising in glass and porcelain swimming pool tiles, established by Richards in 2018. Since then, Richards’ business has grown considerably, especially thanks to the great quality and designs of the mosaics that they supply to both pool builders and general builders. As of 2020, they have opened a new showroom for the customers of their clients, which can be viewed by appointment.


For tiling your pool, there are two primary options at your fingertips: porcelain or glass mosaics. Richards has been noticing a trend towards glass mosaic tiles, and he believes that this is due to the colour and vibrancy on offer amongst a broader range of styles. They also offer you a range of textures. Smooth tiles come across as sleek and elegant, while a wavy texture catches the light and creates the illusion of movement on the surface of the pool, even when the water is still.

He explains that porcelain tiles are a glazed product, and thus they may be subject to fading over time and damage from the chemicals in the pool water. Even so, porcelain remains a viable option, as fading and damage shouldn’t occur for a good 20 to 25 years of use. There are also many options available, so you can give your pool some class according to your tastes.



But this is where glass mosaics really shine, as glass will never fade or be affected by the chemicals in the water. Even after 30 years of use, they are guaranteed to remain as vibrant in quality and colour as the day they were first installed. Just keep in mind that mosaic tiles are not recommended on a fibreglass pool.


When it comes to glass mosaic tiles, there’s a plethora of styles and colour variations on offer, but what to choose? Tiles For Pools itself has about 60 different colours and designs amongst its sets of glass and porcelain tiles, and Richards is anticipating another twenty new colours, sizes and designs to come in by 2024.

Styles to keep your eye on include the Crystal Series, made of smooth, sleek glass tiles, with plenty of variety in colours for you to choose from. It’s a neat and contemporary design for those who want to keep things tidy. If you’re after something a bit more traditional, you might want to eye up some of the ceramic designs available. Though they lack the transparency of the glass range, they’ll give your pool that classic touch, with the EN2275S Blue Mix a standout for giving your pool a retro look.

Going back to glass, you may want something that grants your pool more texture and pizazz. The Opal Series offers a variety of shades and finishes including iridescence, which gives your pool plenty of sparkle as shown on the left. Still not enough for you? If you really want to brighten your night life by the pool, you could try the Glow in the Dark Series, with a White Glow or Blue Glow on offer. “The most fun option was adding a red and light purple to our extensive range,” says Richards. In conjunction with PJ Pools, Tiles For Pools were pleased to have displayed a fully tiled and filled pool at the Pool and Spa show in February 2023, and it proved to be quite the stunning eye-catcher.



A main concern amongst many prospective pool owners is the upkeep of their future pool. Fortunately, Richards has pointed out that tiles are, by-and-large, maintenance free. Most people will be able to get away with the occasional once-over with a mobile pool cleaner, and as long as you’re maintaining the chemical balance in your pool’s water, keeping your pool or spa maintained needn’t be any drama.

If you’re still in the planning stages for your pool designs, Richards recommends you take your landscaping designs into consideration at the same time. Keep in mind the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as the house render or the colour of materials, to find something for your pool that will complement its surrounds, stand out or blend in. “We want the client to feel as though they are in an oasis when using their pool,” says Richards. Keep in mind the effect you want it to have, both for yourself, your family, and your guests

Image Credit: Mojito Outdoor Kitchens
Image Credit: Mojito Outdoor Kitchens