It takes a wide range of technology to keep your pool and spa looking beautiful and keep it healthy to swim in and fun to use. Insnrg designs and manufactures equipment to filter, move, heat and sanitise your pool and spa and then automate that system so that it is an easy, delightful experience to use.


A buildup of ground water under a swimming pool can cause major issues with the structural integrity of pool shells including moving the pool out of level.


In 2012, following years of prototypes and research, Robo-Tek launched a robotic pool cleaner designed in Australia, to meet Australian conditions. The power, performance, and durability of the products were a resounding success with customers.

HIDE Skimmer Lids

HIDE Skimmer Lids is the best way to disguise your skimmer lid within your surrounding surface. The Winner of Best New Product at the 2019 New Orleans Pool Spa Patio Expo, these easy fix lids seamlessly blend in any unwanted blemishes to your outdoor pool area.


Aquavic manufactures and services ionisers for swimming pools, spas and water features. Swimming in an ionised pool is the closest that you’ll come to swimming in your own private mountain stream.

DLH Designs

Concrete proudly handcrafted to the highest of standards in Gippsland, Victoria, using unique, textural, concrete that looks unashamedly like concrete designed to feature in your home.