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Celebrating Success and Building Connections: Hayward Australia’s Annual THD Conference

Sep 6, 2023 | Industry News

In the heart of Cairns, Australia, Hayward Australia hosted its highly anticipated annual conference for Totally Hayward Dealers (THD) from August 22nd to 25th. This gathering brought together over 100 customers from various parts of Australia to commemorate the achievements of 2023 and set the stage for an even more promising 2024.

The picturesque setting of the Shangri-La Marina provided a captivating backdrop for a series of informative business sessions and presentations by the Hayward team. Taking the stage, Robert Emmett, Managing Director of Hayward Pool Products, shared his inspiring vision for the company’s future. His insights, emphasizing both short and long-term strategies and the resources available to support Totally Hayward Dealers in growing their businesses, left attendees motivated and eager for the journey ahead.

A highlight of this year’s conference was an expert panel discussion, featuring industry leaders including Hayward’s National Sales Manager, Phil Fitzgibbon; Dryden National Sales Manager, Julian Quinn; SPASA Chief Information Officer, Luke Daly; Irene Hughes from Poolwerx; and Troy Camilleri from Achievable Pools and Spas. The panel delved deep into industry trends and regulations, providing attendees with a wealth of experience and candid insights to navigate the ever-evolving pool and spa industry landscape.

The authentic and open dialogues during the panel session exemplified the strong sense of community within the THD network. Hayward extends sincere gratitude to these experts for their valuable contributions and unwavering positivity.

However, the conference wasn’t solely business-focused. A visit to Cairns wouldn’t be complete without exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the charming Kuranda village. These excursions offered the perfect backdrop for attendees to unwind, connect, and engage in conversations that may have been left unsaid during the formal sessions. Memorable dinners hosted at Hemingway’s Brewery and Salt House fostered even stronger bonds within the Hayward community.

The Hayward team deeply appreciates everyone who participated in the annual THD event. Your presence and active involvement made this event truly exceptional. Your feedback, questions, and shared experiences enrich our community and drive us to continuously improve and innovate.

As we eagerly anticipate 2024, Hayward Australia is excited about the possibilities ahead. With such a dedicated and supportive community standing by our side, we are confident that the coming year will be one of growth, success, and even closer collaboration. Together, we will continue to elevate the pool and spa industry, bringing joy and relaxation to countless more families across Australia.

In conclusion, we extend our gratitude to all who contributed to the resounding success of the 2023 THD conference. As we embark on this exciting journey into 2024, we are privileged to have each and every one of you as part of our remarkable Hayward community. Together, we will make significant strides in the world of pool and spa excellence.