Clearly Frameless

Clearly Frameless specialise in creating stunning, unobtrusive glass fencing that will enhance your poolside or outdoor space. Designed to withstand the elements of outdoor living, you can choose from their clear or feature glass options to create the effect you desire.

Complemented by a range of quality finishes, their screens are made from Grade A 12mm toughened safety glass and installed to the highest quality standards. Utilising the latest waterproofing techniques which require no channels or framework, their glass fencing is spectacular in appearance but also refreshingly easy to clean.

Clearly Frameless can create a stunning frameless glass solution to suit your style and space, from the unimpeded freedom of a glass pool fence to the striking simplicity of a showerscreen.

Frameless glass is their passion and craft, keeping them at the cutting edge of design and technology. Their professionalism is evident as they work closely with each client to inspire solutions that are a true reflection of individual character.

Although Clearly Frameless pool fencing is easy to clean, they provide an option for those who prefer not to clean at all, with a product called Enduro Shield. The Enduro Shield is an Australian developed product which gives the glass a Teflon-like coating. With this layer, it reduces cleaning by 50–90 per cent, as grime and dirt don’t stick to it as easily as regular glass.

The easy to apply product is both water and oil repellent, meaning it protects the glass from etching, discolouration and general deterioration. It also protects the glass from airborne acids, salts, dirt and hard water deposits. It also improves glass clarity. However the best things about Enduro Shield are that it contains no toxic chemicals, is permanent, and there is no after care maintenance required.

For a glass pool fence that is barely there, contact Clearly Frameless. They will ensure your layout and all structural supports are correctly positioned and will assist you with a design that fits with your home and garden.