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Computer Designed Pools

Following the completion of their new home, the owners of the featured property felt their project needed that extra ‘wow’ factor to round off their vision and establish an entertaining area that utilised the open and unused space.

The client worked in conjunction with Mina Architects and Computer Designed Pools & Spas to create the striking featured pool. The team met on site to discuss the options and how to best utilise the available space and which methods would be required to construct the pool.

The unique design of the pool is what makes the project stand out from the crowd. An engineering challenge, the pool is fully-suspended with acrylic side and wall panels. Though difficult to install, these strong features ensure the pool is visually appealing and fits in well with the surrounding property and complements the house.

To continue the same sharp design, the pool shape is made up of straight lines and includes a spa, while the glass mosaic interior tiles were chosen because they contrast with the house and surrounding garden. To further tie in the pool with the home, the paving used matches the home’s interior tiles.

To avoid evaporation, a Remco cover was installed, while a waterwitch level controller automatically tops up the pool from the property’s water tanks. A solar heating system and Viron P600 Eco Pump also contribute to the pool’s overall
efficiency. Mulit-coloured LED underwater lights ensure the pool is the centrepiece of the backyard, even at night.

Computer Designed Pools & Spas specialises in reinforced concrete pools. A family-owned and run business, the team is happy to its clients to discuss their options and provide great advice on how to incorporate a striking pool into their own backyard.