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Cooke Industries

Cooke Industries

Cooke Industries


People invest in a pool so they can relax with family and friends by the water – not spend excessive time cleaning it. Fortunately, we have entered the age of the self-cleaning pool.

Utilising advanced pool-cleaning technology, the QuikClean range comprises three superior in-floor systems that offer a plethora of unique features and advantages. In addition to freeing up valuable time by taking care of the cleaning, QuikClean systems also improve water circulation, which ensures a healthier, more beautiful pool.

Developed specifically for Australian weather conditions, QuikClean systems can handle even the most debrisheavy sites. Whether you want the latest look or value superior energy efficiency, QuikClean has a system that’s perfectly suited to your pool and lifestyle.

QuikClean cleaning systems are supplied and installed by a nationwide network of accredited installers who are proudly supported by Cooke Industries, a family-run company with a history of award-winning innovation. In-floor cleaning systems are installed during your pool’s construction, so it’s essential to think carefully about the features that are important to you before deciding on a model. Once your QuikClean system is in place, maintaining your pool will be easier than ever.

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Cooke Industries

302 Etiwanda Avenue
Tel: 1300 652 076
Email: info@cookeindustries.com.au
Website: www.cookeindustries.com.au 

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People invest in a pool so they can relax with family and friends by the water – not to waste precious time cleaning it. Why not make your life a little easier by opting for a self-cleaning pool?