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Heavenly Saunas

Exclusive Luxury Soakage

Jul 3, 2024 | Industry News

Heavenly Saunas is excited to announce the arrival of a Heavenly Saunas exclusive: the Kirami Nordic Misty luxury cabin sauna! As the sole distributor for Kirami in Australia, Heavenly Saunas provides Australians with premium quality and innovative products. Kirami are world-renowned manufacturers of saunas and hot tubs, established in Finland, the heart of sauna and hot tub production. Kirami make and design high quality products using the most sustainable materials. The Premium and the Steady M hot tubs are exclusive and popular products, providing Australians with Finnish-level soakage. Heavenly Saunas’ close collaboration with Kirami provides unique access to innovative spa and hot tub designs, suited to any  individual’s desires. Get a peak at the new and exclusive products from the industry leaders in spa and hot tub production from premium distributors. A family-owned business operating out of Melbourne, Heavenly Saunas was born when owner Mark Millers tried out a sauna and was amazed by the health benefits and the way he felt. He spent his time doing research and investigations into what makes the perfect sauna, even travelling overseas in his search for perfection. He hasn’t looked back since.