Feature Pools

When facing a vision such as this produced by Feature Pools, the first thing that comes to mind is how appealing the area is; it demonstrates a place where people can create and share wonderful memories. Appeal was a key factor in the design process, which was a collaboration between Feature Pools, the clients and the architect.

The clients wanted a space where their family could have fun, especially the grandchildren. They also wanted the area to be one which was aesthetically appealing, ultimately giving them a wonderful balance of enjoyment and style.

Their vision was realised with a spacious 13m x 4m concrete pool fitted with a 2m x 2m internal spa, designed to fit in with the country property. This led landscaper Rob Boyle to make use of limited paving with grass up to the pool’s edge; a design that helped achieve a stunning area while maintaining a natural look.

Beautiful landscaping surrounding the pool offers a large open space for the family to come together. The pool surface consists of a quartz interior with a fully tiled spa that ties in readily with the surrounding outdoor area.

To really enhance the pool’s atmosphere, underwater Spa Electrics niche lighting enables the pool to have diversity as it’s not just confined to daytime usage. Along with this, Waterco hydroair spa jets also allow year-round use.

While concerns can mount over water and energy use for pool owners, the installation of a pool cover has helped to tackle such issues in this case. Further environmentally friendly devices such as a solar heating system for the pool and an auto-fill system from the water tank have also been implemented in this design.

Feature Pools has over 26 years of experience in the pool construction and design industry and is a family-owned company. They utilise a very hands-on approach and maintain an ongoing relationship throughout all of their projects.

They work from the Mornington Peninsula to metropolitan Melbourne, the Bellarine Peninsula and the surf coast.