Fresco Frames

Whether you dream of a custom outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles, or you just want a functional barbecue island for your patio, Fresco Frames is the only name you need to know.

Using conventional manufacturing methods, building a custom outdoor kitchen, barbecue kitchen or modular kitchen has generally been considered expensive and unaffordable for the average Australian family. The beauty of the outdoor kitchen designs in Fresco Frames’ system is it needs no welding, measuring, cutting or bending.

The precise machine-cut components simply slot together, delivering the strength to allow you to use any countertop material of your choice such as granite, tile, marble, stone, stainless steel, timber, concrete or laminate product. Once satisfied with your island’s configuration, simply bolt it down in the preferred place and you’re ready to add your cladding, creativity, colour and accessories.

Fresco Frames’ outdoor kitchen systems can be designed and built to suit any individual taste and budget. The company’s flexible and internationally award winning systems allow every provision you would expect of an outdoor kitchen, and require no more than a cordless screwdriver and some basic tools to assemble.

Any brand of built-in domestic barbecue can be incorporated in the outdoor kitchen system, together with a wide range of appliances such as side wok burners, bar and wine fridges, ice makers, under-counter freezers, dishwashers or beer tap systems. For those who are looking for a lap of extra luxury, Fresco Frames can also combine a fully motorised weatherproof 42-inch flat screen TV, top quality audio and LED lighting system within your outdoor kitchen.

Fresco Frames’ cabinets and modular framing system is made in Australia using BHP steel, and high-quality softclose Hafele drawer and door hardware, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing your alfresco kitchen will last a lifetime.