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Gateway to Relaxation

May 14, 2021 | Industry News

Polaris Hinge is thrilled to announce the release of its new soft-close hinge, the Polaris Retrofit 155. Polaris has gained a strong reputation for providing unparalleled glass gate solutions that exceed the benchmark for reliability, safety, and performance. Standing as a testament to this, in 2010 and 2016 its soft-close hinges were awarded the prestigious International Design Mark Award for its innovation, visual and emotional appeal, functionality, quality, usability, and environmental sustainability.

Developed by Glass Hardware Australia and withstanding incredibly rigorous testing, the Polaris soft-close hinge was engineered to be durable and reliable, and to endure harsh pool chemicals and unpredictable outdoor conditions. With ongoing technical support and a three-year warranty on all products, you are covered regardless of what the Australian outdoors throws your way.

The Retrofit 155 shares many attributes with its soft-close hinge predecessors. By utilising pioneering spring and shock absorbers, these hinges ensure a ‘soft-close’ every time, reducing the stress on your fencing regardless of the gate’s positioning. However, the beauty of the Retrofit 155 lies in its affordability, accessibility, and versatility.

The Retrofit 155 is designed to fit existing 8mm or 10mm glass gates with slamming spring hinges and is even compatible with most competitors glass gate hinges. Polaris offers a technical installation service, or the hinges can easily be installed yourself within a mere 30 minutes, using simple, readily available tools.

Polaris believes that your family’s safety is paramount, which is why the Retrofit 155 utilises the best materials available. Harnessing sleek stainless steel and premium manufacturing, it remains strong, durable, and silent in operation, while its minimalistic appearance allows it to seamlessly integrate into your pool’s existing framework without detracting from its visual appeal.

To find out more about Polaris’ innovative range of products and to see how the Retrofit 155 will improve your lifestyle visit Polaris’ website today.


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