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Good, Clean, Fun

Oct 22, 2021 | Industry News

Hayward Pool Products is thrilled to grant the readers of Melbourne Pool + Outdoor Design an excitling look at its latest innovation: the AquaVac 250 Li, which hit the market in September. Hayward Pool Products has gained an immaculate reputation for providing Australians with high-quality, innovative, and durable pool products since it was brought to the Australian market in 2011. As a prominent provider of pioneering technology, Hayward Pool Product’s new AquaVac 250Li is upheld to the same impeccable standards that Hayward Pool Products is known for.

The AquaVac 250Li has been ergonomically designed for user-friendliness and is made from the best materials available. Featuring a Lithium battery with a battery life of two hours, a large stainless-steel filter for fine-filtration of particles 250μ, and two adjustable nozzles, the AquaVac 250Li will effectively clean even those hard-to-reach places, providing you with the added reassurance that your family will be safe while they swim.

To find out more about the revolutionary technology offered, and to see how Hayward Pool Products can improve your quality of life, visit its website today!