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Good Enough To Drink

Aug 2, 2021 | Industry News

Aquachem is proud to offer innovative advances in pool sanitation and operation. The Theralux Quantum AOP uses revolutionary technology to control your pool water quality. This product is a must-have for easily maintaining a healthy pool.

The state-of-the-art technology used in the Theralux Quantum AOP has an immensely powerful effect, with the ability to instantaneously destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens. More astoundingly, the product possesses the ability to convert suntan oil, urea and other contaminants into their harmless molecular form. Another of the many benefits of its advanced oxidation process (AOP) is the significant reduction of residual chemicals, such as chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide.

Built to be installed easily into an existing pool, or when building your new outdoor oasis, the Theralux Quantum AOP offers a set and forget operation for a safe, luxurious and healthy swimming experience. To learn more about the Theralux Quantum AOP and other exciting offerings from Theralux, visit the company’s website or scan the QR code.