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Green With Envy

Sep 11, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 22

A beautiful, lush lawn looks amazing. Whether it’s surrounding the pool, courtyard or deck, an expanse of green lawn is both uplifting and calming. Maintaining a healthy-looking lawn is often difficult and time-consuming, so homeowners are increasingly turning to synthetic

TigerTurf’s Summer Envy range of synthetic turf lawns now incorporates the new XWR fibre, which was originally engineered to stand up to the rigours of football and rugby. Excitingly, this highly durable, natural-looking turf is now available for residential landscaping applications.

You would be hard-pressed to distinguish TigerTurf’s synthetic lawns from a flawless natural lawn. So, if you have a problem lawn, TigerTurf is the best solution. Contact the team to find out more about their outstanding synthetic lawn options.