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Ledge Lounger
Ledge Lounger

Have A Seat

Pools and outdoor living areas aren’t just a place to play – they’re also a place to unwind, relax and spend time with family and friends. Here, Kirrily Ireland sits down with Christopher Anderson, founder and president of Ledge Lounger, to find out how pool owners can incorporate seating into their pool area and backyard to maximise entertaining potential.

In 2011, Anderson came up with the idea of the original Ledge Lounger seat, which quickly grew popular across the world across the world, including here, where Australians can purchase Ledge Lounger’s products from authorised distributor, Direct Pool Tiles. Now, with a little innovation and clever solutions, pool and outdoor seating options are at a premium, allowing homeowners to transform their outdoor spaces into true oases.

On The Ledge Of Glory

Pool ledges are a great inclusion to any pool, as they provide a safe spot for little ones to splash around, and a place for adults to appreciate the water at a more leisurely pace. However, reclining on hard pool tiles isn’t the most comfortable choice, and this is where Ledge Lounger’s ingenious creation comes in.

“The Signature Chaise is the original in-pool lounger designed by Ledge Lounger,” Anderson explains, referring to the curved and comfortable seating that can be placed in shallow parts of a pool. “Filling the chaise with water anchors it securely to the ledge of a pool, allowing [pool owners to] enjoy the sun and cool in the pool at the same time.”

These chaises work in other wet areas, too. “A trend has been to have a beach area where you can place the loungers in the water, [bringing] another element of enjoyment to relaxing in the pool.”

If your pool doesn’t have a ledge or beach area, you can still enjoy the luxury of Ledge Loungers in other poolside locations. “It is possible to use the Signature Chaise on patios and decks, but proper water depth is crucial to in-water performance,” Anderson says. “The Signature Chaise Deep, [however], is designed for water depths between 254mm and 381mm and is also great for out-of-pool use use due to its higher seat height.” Do a bit of research to find out what works best for your pool, depending on its depth, and find the perfect fit. Whatever you end up settling on, your 


Ledge Lounger

pool time will undoubtedly be enhanced by Ledge Lounger’s aesthetically pleasing and durable lounges.

Dive Right In

The comfort doesn’t have to stop in the shallow end. For those keen to brave the deeper end, today’s in-pool seating products have come a long way from inflatable lilos – although these have also evolved into fun shapes and colours, livening up pool parties and even the more mellow of backyard activities.

Anderson outlines some of the popular options: “The newest additions from Ledge Lounger are the Laze Pillow, a floating bean bag, and the Signature Barstool, available in bar height for water depths between 914mm and 1320mm, and counter height for water depths between 609mm and 1016mm.”

These in-pool barstools open up a world of outdoor entertaining possibilities. Your guests won’t have to put down their drink as they take a dunk, and summertime will be made even cooler as you sit submerged in your pool all day long. You could even turn your pool edge into a make-shift bar. Anderson adds, “In-pool accessories like side tables and shades can be paired with in-pool seating to create a space to keep drinks, books, sunscreen, or electronics nearby for the ultimate backyard oasis.”

The best part is, Ledge Lounger manufactures its products out of “high-quality, UV16- rated resin and marine-grade fabrics [that] are designed to withstand the sun, water and chemicals of any pool and outdoor environment.” So you can rest assured your pool furniture will last for years to come.

Ledge Lounger

Anderson does advise a little maintenance is required of the pool owner, but the process is easy. “Wiping down in-pool furniture at every pool cleaning is the best way to keep [it] looking its best. Marine-grade fabrics are safe to bleach when more thorough cleaning is necessary.”

An Alluring Alfresco

Bringing the inside out through the use of outdoor seating has become a popular trend, whether you have a pool or not. Anderson agrees, affirming that “making indoor amenities available in outdoor spaces allows the good times to roll without interruption, while staying comfortable and stylish.”

There are a number of ways to achieve an alfresco living space. If you’re starting from scratch, custom built-in seating may be the way to go. Anderson says, “Where there is limited space, bench seating can be a useful way to save [room] and [is a] durable option.” However, while this is suitable for modest-sized backyards, loose furniture can accommodate for an ever-evolving area. “The versatility to be able to move furniture to cater for different events provides a flexibility that built-in furniture cannot … The versatility of loose furniture allows you to use [it] inside and outside the pool.” Both have their benefits, depending on what you’re working with, so the choice is yours.

Creating the idyllic outdoor retreat doesn’t end at deciding on your seating. Just as you would decorate your indoor areas, your backyard can always use a bit of styling. Add a couple of coffee tables, lighting, or cushions, which “are a great way to incorporate a favourite accent colour while elevating both the comfort level and visual appeal of any outdoor space.”

Whether you’re improving your entertaining space out on the back deck, or want to take a more leisurely approach to pool time, outdoor seating is a must-have. Anderson sums it up well: “The selection of an outdoor furniture setting has the ability to elevate the style and functionality of the outdoor area. This makes choosing the perfect design so important … Ideally, you want to create an outdoor area that not only caters to the entertainment aspect but also the relaxation aspect. A place where you can wine, dine and then relax, that fits Images courtesy of Ledge Lounger into your space perfectly.”

Ledge Lounger

Images Courtesy of Ledge Lounger


Ledge Lounger
Ledge Lounger