Horizon Pools

The featured 7.5m x 4.1m ‘Capricorn’ pool became the main feature of this overhauled front yard. With the property in need of a facelift, the homeowners have successfully transformed their outdoor area into a modern space that ties in well with their home decor. The shape of the pool is ideal for the space as the straight edge sits nicely along the retaining wall and the curved step area greets you as you step out from the alfresco.

The ‘Capricorn’ pool is large and spacious, with a wide curved side entry step area and an extended seating ledge running the entire length of one side of the pool. With the step area kept out of the way, there is still a generous uninterrupted 1.08m–1.78m deep swim area perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

The rendered walls and timber panelling of the outdoor area have been used to blend in with the style of the rest of the home. So that the owners can enjoy clear views of their stunning yard, semi-frameless glass fencing has also been used to fence off the pool area from the alfresco. Cohesion between indoors and outdoors has been achieved perfectly in this instance, and really makes this yard a ‘fifth room’ to the house.

A shiny mosaic faced water-blade feature spills water into the pool below and cleverly hides the pool equipment behind it. The multi-coloured LED strip lighting on the water-blade looks great in combination with the garden lighting and blue halogen light in the swimming pool. Numerous downlights have also been installed along the retaining walls to add some extra light to the area so the pool can also be enjoyed in the evening.

A decked bench seat has been built at one end of the pool, which the owners are able to store their pool blanket roller beneath so that it is out of the way when not being used.

Horizon Pools is a distributor of Aqua Technics pools and brings Australia’s leading range of swimming pool designs and technology to Victoria. Horizon Pools offers a technically superior range of fibreglass pools that have been developed and perfected over the past 34 years to ensure a premium product.