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Illuminated Balustrades Australia

In January 2019, following 18 months of intensive research and development, Illuminated Balustrades Australia (IBA) was introduced to the market by founder and CEO Mark Behnecke, with the aim of providing unique illuminated balustrades for both the residential and commercial sectors.

IBA’s spigot and lighting system has a unique patented design, which is set to revolutionise the balustrade market. The IBA system comprises three elements: a patented spigot constructed from high-quality 2205 stainless steel, LED lighting, and specialty glass. The combination of these three elements has captured the imagination of designers, landscapers and architects alike due to its multipurpose applications for external balustrading. The aesthetically spectacular system is a wonderful addition to any outdoor environment, and will enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space and pool surrounds, day and night.



16B Heversham Drive
Tel: 0402 270 139
Email: mark@ibaustralia.net.au
Website: illuminatedbalustrade.com.au