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Leading Lids

Aug 9, 2017 | Industry News From Issue 20

An attractive new solution for pool skimmer lids is now available from Anston Architectural. The new QUAD Skimmer Lid is subtle and doesn’t distract from the main aesthetic of the pool. Unlike a generic plastic skimmer lid or paving offcut that clashes with your pool design, the QUAD Skimmer Lid offers a flush-finished surface with minimal clearances.

The skimmer lid features a 2mm square stainless steel tray, which can be fitted as a stone infill to match the paving and coping of your pool. The lid works in conjunction with a stainless steel lifting key that allows controlled and easy removal. The keyed access system significantly reduces the risk of damage to the skimmer lid.

Once installed, the skimmer lid sits flush with the pool coping and paving, which prevents the lid from chipping or cracking. This also prevents it from being a tripping hazard. The QUAD Skimmer Lid provides a safe, functional and elegant solution that is compliant with Australian Standards.

Visit the Anston Architectural showroom at 299 Johnston Street in Abbotsford to purchase a QUAD Skimmer Lid, for a pool surrounds that stands out from the rest.