Cooke Industries Flip ‘n’ Fill

Level Up

Aug 14, 2019 | Industry News

Topping up the water in your pool can be a time consuming and potentially costly exercise. It is however important, as an improper water level can cause damage to pumps and equipment. Fortunately, Cooke Industries has an easy solution.

Your time should be spent enjoying your pool, not dealing with issues such as water level, so Cooke Industries offers three auto-filling systems for new and existing pools. The Flip ‘n’ Fill sits inside your skimmer and is easily connected to a garden hose; the Quik Level is designed for new pools; and the Water Witch is Australia’s most popular auto filler, perfect for negative-edge pools with balance tanks and other unique projects.

Visit the Cooke Industries website to learn more about each system and decide which one is best suited to you and your pool.