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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Meet The Pool Builders – Issue 20

Articles From Issue 20

Award Pools & Spas

The seasoned professionals at Award Pools & Spas agree that a pool is no longer a luxury item, but a part of family life.

Award Pools & Spas is an award-winning bayside company that was established in 1981 by director John D’Arcy. Since then, the company has refined its business approach and earned a solid reputation for excellence.

Most of the tilers, steel fixers, plumbers and supervisors that comprise Award Pools & Spas have been with company between 10 and 30 years. “Being fortunate [enough] to have the same crew for so long helps with our scheduling and standard of work,” says D’Arcy. “Everyone knows what is expected, so we always strive for the best outcome.”

As a forward-thinking team, staff members continue to grow their impressive skill set by attending workshops for new products and practices. In response to emerging industry trends, Award Pools & Spas embraces and improves upon new products and building methods that have real potential to benefit homeowners.

“We are always [working] to improve our product selection,” says D’Arcy. “Whether [that involves]

sourcing tiles from overseas or implementing energy-saving and maintenance-free options into our pools.” State-of-the-art in-floor cleaning and self-managed sanitising systems are commonly used by Awards Pools, as well as modern inhouse control systems.

D’Arcy has observed a rise in the popularity of variable-speed pumps in response to the increasing demand for energy-saving products. “[While] they may not suit every application… [variable-speed pumps] can reduce electricity bills by up to 80 per cent,” he explains.

The owner-operated company is renowned for its hands-on approach. “From [the] first meeting to the end, our clients deal with the same faces all the way through,” says D’Arcy. “[More than] 90 per cent of our work is sourced from regular [tradespeople, such as] designers, builders and architects…”

Award Pools & Spas strives to be efficient, flexible and cooperative at all times. “Most importantly, [we] finish the job to a standard that [proves] to the client that we were wisely chosen,” says D’Arcy.

Although pools are a seasonal item, the team manages to spread its work fairly evenly throughout the entire year, so they are always

kept busy. While business is going swimmingly for Award Pools & Spas at present, “we are also mindful that we need to be attentive and vigilant to our work sources to [keep it that way]”, says D’Arcy.

Award Pools & Spas considers its Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) membership invaluable. “It keeps us updated, provides training and facilitates government liaison and general industry improvement through a professional approach to all the issues that present any business today,” says D’arcy.

When asked what he finds compelling about the pool design and construction industry, D’Arcy responds by saying the question is a hot topic at industry workshops and information evenings. “While the hours can be fierce – and the expectations sometimes unusual – there is something [special about] completing a project and seeing [it through] to the end.”

“There are so many occupations where the individual is only responsible for a part of the outcome,” he says. “[Pool builders], on the other hand, start with nothing and leave with a photogenic backyard.”

Seaspray Pools

Seaspray Pools is an award-winning family business with quality service and great value for money at its heart.

Seaspray Pools was established almost 30 years ago by husband-and-wife team John and Kim Tyzzer. The two worked from their home office in the South-East of Melbourne, where they used their garage and shed for storage.

Since then, the company has expanded into a team of fully dedicated staff and relocated to a purpose-built display centre, which is open seven days a week. John is extremely proud of the core values Seaspray Pools has retained throughout its rapid evolution.

Over the years, Seaspray Pools has constructed more than 2000 pools throughout Victoria. Although it specialises in the construction of concrete pools, the company also designs tailored pools and full backyard landscaping concepts.

The multidisciplinary team at Seaspray Pools includes two registered and licensed builders, as well as professionals with backgrounds in landscaping, building, plumbing and business management. The diverse range of backgrounds gives the team a greater understanding of the industry. “To further this, our staff also attends regular industry training courses [with SPASA] that keep us up to date with regulations and new technology, which is ever-changing in [this] industry.”

John and Kim’s sons have also been involved in the company throughout the last decade. “They work together on all aspects of swimming pools, from construction to office management,” says John. “My eldest son recently obtained his own builders licence, with plans to eventually take over and run the family business alongside his brother.”

John feels fortunate to have been involved in many amazing projects over the years. “Our swimming pools have been [recognised] by

SPASA [as a winner] for multiple categories… such as Best Residential Concrete Pool under $50,000 and under $100,000, Best Pool & Landscape Combination, Best Residential Courtyard Pool and Best Concrete Lap Pool.

“[We] are most proud to have received the award for the SPASA Australia Pool of the Year in 2014,” he continues. “I cannot thank my team enough for the hard work and effort [they dedicated] to these projects.”

In the next five to ten years, John hopes to continue designing and constructing quality, affordable pools throughout Greater Melbourne, while keeping up to date with the evolving preferences of homeowners. “[Currently], there is [much] more emphasis on lifestyle, where the entire backyard incorporates a full entertaining area,” he says. “There is also more growth in technology… [so] many aspects of equipment [are preferably] automated and therefore easier to operate.”

Coastal Pools & Spas

Coastal Pools & Spas prides itself on its reputation for doing the job right the first time, every time.

Based in Mount Eliza and Mornington, Coastal Pools & Spas constructs high-quality concrete pools and spas throughout the Mornington Peninsula and bayside suburbs. The family-run business was established more than 30 years ago by director Steve Lord, who recently welcomed his son Matt to the team.

Lord is a qualified pool builder and a licenced PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning dealer. Having

worked in each stage of construction over the years, he is able to oversee all building works and ensure every project is completed to the highest standard.

On average, the team builds approximately 20–30 pools each year. When asked how many pools the company has built in total, Lord says, “I stopped counting after 500!

“Quality is key for us at every stage of construction,” he continues. “We only use materials and contractors that fit our expectations. Our design principles [concentrate] on meeting the needs of our clients, and creating

pools and spas that are functional, while [acting as a] feature of people’s homes.”

Coastal Pools & Spas won Best Residential Concrete Lap Pool at both the SPASA Victoria and SPASA Australia Awards in 2015, which were particularly significant achievements for the team. The winning design (pictured) showcases the company’s exceptional work ethic and innovative approach to construction.

To keep up to date with Coastal Pools & Spas’ recent works, find its Instagram page using @coastalpoolsandspas.

East Coast Swimming Pools

Driven by a passion for its craft, East Coast Swimming Pools is renowned for excellent communication skills, a systemised construction program and an ethical and honest approach to each of its projects.

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, East Coast Swimming Pools has specialised in the design and construction of concrete swimming pools and spas for 17 years.

The company built 6–10 pools a year in its beginning, when it operated out of a spare bedroom. It now owns an office/showroom/warehouse facility in Dromana, and employs six full-time staff and many regular tradespeople who work together to construct upwards of 500 pools each year.

The experienced team comprises of administration, landscaping, construction and service staff, as well as 3D designers, who are all dedicated to continually strengthening their skills through in-house and external training.

With 12 years of experience servicing the East Coast, Andrew Morgan is East Coast Swimming Pools’ longest-standing staff member. He manages all on-site construction.

Director Colin Sloggett brings 30 years of industry experience to the team. “I previously [worked as] construction supervisor and landscape construction manager for two construction companies,” he explains.

Sloggett has observed how more pools are now able to be constructed in complex locations,

thanks to advances in construction and engineering. In response to modern trends, “variable-speed pumps and modern control systems are commonly used in our projects”, he says.

Sloggett is motivated by the challenges of his craft, as well as the people he works with and the amazing final results that can be achieved.

Moving forward, he expects pool construction businesses that understand the benefits a pool can have – from fitness to fun – will continue to thrive. “There will be huge opportunities in the future for those [who have] a professional approach and a passion for the [work],” he says.

First Image Credit: Award Pools & Spas
Second Image Credit: Seaspray Pools
Third Image Credit: Coastal Pools & Spas
Fourth Image Credit: East Coast Swimming Pools