Metric Gardens

The featured project designed by Metric Gardens, has been completed with the utmost attention-to-detail and is an entertainer’s delight.

With entertaining as an emphasis, the client specifically requested that the water be the focal point of the garden design with plenty of room to accommodate the homeowners’ love of entertaining. It was also important that once finished, the native garden would require minimal maintenance and flourish without the need to install an external irrigation system.

The focal point of the garden is the stunning four-tiered water feature, which lines up directly with the large main hallway of the house. This strategic alignment allows the water feature to be visible from every room in the house. The garden also offers many different seating arrangements and works to take advantage of the sun’s movement across the sky throughout the day.

Sawn bluestone pavers are used throughout the garden design, while the reflection pond places emphasis on the water theme. The landscape and the raised rear decking houses the large barbecue and fridge, and will grant the clients’ plenty of room to host social gatherings.

Low-voltage uplights are featured throughout the design, highlighting the bamboo perimeter surrounding the garden as well as the several feature trees scattered throughout the yard. Stainless waterproof lights have also been used to stunning effect, laminating the water feature and the surrounding ponds.

The rendered retaining walls have been built using engineered, core-filled masonry block, which will also stand the test of time and provide the homeowners with endless enjoyment for years to come.