Mr Trampoline

Mr Trampoline manufactures and installs only the very best trampolines, fittings and safety mats. The company’s trampolines are designed for permanent outdoor installation and feature the highest-quality woven terylene mat, which ensures a deep, soft bounce.

The mat has an all-weather rubber-based undercoat for longevity, while the heavy duty 28cm springs provide a controllable bounce. High-quality padding and rubber surround the trampoline for added safety. The company uses hot-dipped, galvanised and Australian-made RHS steel frames that are able to withstand a long life in the soil. These frames won’t rust, even in coastal areas.

Mr Trampoline has been building and refining rectangular trampolines since 1949, which means you can rest assured that its products are built to last.

The company also produces Olympic-standard trampolines at an affordable price. For an aesthetically pleasing pool, contact Mr Trampoline today!​







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Mr Trampoline

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