Natural Swimponds Australia

Natural Swimponds Australia is a family-operated business with more than 20 years of industry experience and has been building natural pools for the past four years. In 2012 the company became the proud partners of Biotop, one of the world leaders in the natural pool industry.

The project shown here embodies everything a natural pool should be – an amazing freshwater aquatic oasis. The client, Planetree Lodge, approached Natural Swimponds Australia wanting a large feature pond to add to its already impressive garden, further enhancing the stunning five acre bed and breakfast property.

The company went above and beyond the client’s expectations, delivering a truly organic design which creates the impression that the natural pool has always formed part of the landscape by appearing to merge with its surroundings.

Water has a calming effect, the view of it alone enhances the garden all year-round, giving children and adults a chance embrace nature at home.

A natural pool provides crystal clear water without any use of chemicals. To achieve this, a wall is used to separate the swimming area from the regeneration zone. Here, impurities and excess nutrients are decomposed by plants and micro-organisms, as water continuously filters through the gravel beds.

Natural Swimponds Australia is based in the north east of Victoria and undertakes projects all over the state.