Piazza Building Services

When many homeowners consider a new outdoor design project they can feel daunted trying to find the right architects, gain planning permits and hiring a registered builder that is practical and fair. Daniel Piazza, a registered builder, carpenter and leader of Piazza Building Services, takes the stress out of creating your dream outdoor area.

Piazza Building Services worked with the homeowners to create the featured project, undertaking many roles in order to achieve the perfect finish. Beginning the process as strangers, Daniel Piazza and the homeowners formed a great working relationship. This was an important part of the procedure as it helped Piazza Building Services to tailor the project to suit the homeowners’ individual tastes.

The project uses an attractive blend of Australian timber species, raw steel, stone and concrete to create the timeless finish and to keep the eye moving with every step taken.

Adjacent to the generous concrete pool, the alfresco is the striking centrepiece to the project, as it provides a comfortable space for the family to retire to after using the pool and continue enjoying the outdoors in a peaceful environment.

The alfresco is made up of three cypress corner posts to support the 6m² freestanding structure. Bulkheads were added throughout the project, while ironbark shiplap was selected for its quality. The ceiling is made from recycled hardwood board and steel straps to continue the steel finish that appears throughout the project.

The pool area utilises carefully selected tiles from Granite Works, and consists of concrete and steel panels are used as boundary fencing. The curved deck accentuates the surrounding landscape and complements timber construction. The result is a perfect balance of timber, steel and stone. All elements of the outdoor area’s design combine to create a seamless space that is welcoming and warm.

Working closely with Granite Works, which is located in Clayton, Piazza Building Services operates in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, Piazza Building Services makes a great effort to get to know the client so as to create a design that caters to their lifestyle and budget.