Platinum Swimming Pools

While this pool may look simple and sophisticated from afar, a breathtaking surprise lies beneath the surface. seven glowing portholes in the pool wall allow natural light to flood into the otherwise dim basement and games room. The pool is pivotal in the design of these lower levels, creating a funky geometric effect when viewed from inside.

Up above, the design flows seamlessly from the house to the garden and pool. The travertine tiles lining the pool and its surrounds are continued inside the house, and the pool is designed to feel as if it were cut from rock. spanning 14 metres and with an internal seat running the full length, this project satisfies the homeowners’ request for a pool that is family-friendly, yet also complements the house.

Eco-conscious features minimise the carbon footprint of this pool. Mineral salts are used as an alternative to chlorine, and the Waterco Hydrostorm pump is capable of lowering its noise and energy usage without compromising on power.

Platinum swimming Pools specialises in innovative and functional concrete swimming pools and spas that respect and enhance their surroundings. Building 15–25 pools each year, the company also prides itself on including self- cleaning and self-dosing technology. Wanting its clients to spend their leisure time enjoying their pool, rather than maintaining it, the company uses the best equipment and technology to ensure maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Based in Melbourne’s south-east, Platinum swimming Pools works within 10km of the city and south of the Yarra River. Although the company is just three years old, it is led by owners gareth Mulholland and scott Carson, who each have more than 20 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. With a wealth of building expertise and an eye for design, the team works closely with each client to ensure a unique and stunning pool that perfectly fits in with their lifestyles.