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Pool Barrier Services

Pool Barrier Services

Pool Barrier Services

Pool Barrier Services want you to enjoy your pool or spa, free from concerns that it isn’t secure.

At Pool Barrier Services, your safety is top priority. The team have ensured that all of its protocols are in line with Local & State Government spa & pool fencing regulations. With the help of our pool safety consultant, all you need to worry about is how warm the pool is!

The spa & pool safety consultation team offer a pre-compliance pool fencing regulations consultation service, so you can swim with piece of mind; knowing your pool is up to safety standard. The owner will save costly re-inspections and unnecessary upgrading by tradespeople to your pool or spa fencing which may not be required. With Pool Barrier Services, you’ll get expert spa and pool fencing regulations advice necessary to ensure your pool or spa is up to the compliance level – with all this done prior to engaging the registered pool safety inspector to conduct the compliance certificate.

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Pool Barrier Services

1507/1 Queens Road

Mobile: 0417 344 074
Email: info@poolbarrierservices.com.au
Website: www.poolbarrierservices.com.au