Pools R Us

Pools R Us are a multi award winning pool company whose commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made Pools R Us one of Victoria’s most awarded pool retailers. The winner of three awards for excellence, including gold, Pools R Us builds pools to suit any budget.

“Whether you’re looking to create a pool from $5,000 or $50,000 – no job is too small or large,” says founders Chris Rhodes and David Fletcher. “Behind every Pools R Us pool is 20 years of commercial, industrial and domestic building experience. This is used on every pool project Pools R Us undertakes. It gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a real builder!”

Pools R Us gives one-on-one supervision from start to finish throughout every project. They can organise and manage all aspects of a pool’s construction from the first site visit through to the final clean up. You can rely on Pools R Us for everything and anything – from plans to permits, pool to landscape design, paving, concreting and tiling to the installation and design of water features.

During any water restrictions Pools R Us can even organise the filling of your pool with fresh spring water to ease the strain. Having private spring water is just another thing that Pools R Us does differently. Trust Pools R Us – they understand why little things make a big difference.