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Acquavita Pools & Spas Project 2

Acquavita Pools & Spas

Clean, crisp and contemporary, this spectacular pool build is brought to you by the exceptionally talented team at Acquavita Pools & Spas. Working in close collaboration with the homeowners, Acquavita Pools & Spas scrupulously designed and executed a breathtaking pool that adheres to the client’s request for a beautiful entertainment area fit for the whole family.

This ambitious design is perched atop an impressive hill overlooking the sprawling city and spanning an impressive 17 metres. This elevated topography posed numerous challenges that required extensive engineering to overcome. Expertly navigating the difficult landscape, meticulous planning from Acquavita Pools & Spas, Outdoor Vision Landscapes, and BMI Constructions ensured that the location of this magnificent pool accommodated the sloping terrain while still allowing ample room for leisure.

Featuring a generous spa pool in addition to the large lane pool, this phenomenal build offers something for everyone by perfectly balancing lifestyle, leisure, and exercise. Boasting both functionality and visual appeal, the gorgeous bluestone paving integrates into the residence’s existing framework while the alluring aquamarine waters act as a striking contrast. The clean, crisp lines act as a seamless extension of the home’s contemporary external façade to produce an arresting finished product.



Acquavita Pools & Spas

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