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Alchemy Landscaping Project 1

This unique project from Alchemy Landscaping evokes a distinctly Mediterranean feel and stands proudly in the middle of Brighton with its stunning sandstone paving, recycled redgum pergola and 30-year-old olive tree that was craned into position to sit elegantly beside the swimming pool.

The Mediterranean feel outside matches the colour palette and surfaces used for the inside build as the client wanted to feel like they were on holiday every day of the week. This Mediterranean colour scheme is on display in the tiles, on the rendered wall, in the clear blue water and through the surrounding greenery. The gorgeous plants are native to Greece and Italy including the established olive tree and the Laurus nobilis bordering the pool and pergola.

The sandstone laid outside seamlessly flows indoors, harmoniously connecting the two spaces, while the garden lighting creates an impressive visual display at night so that the homeowner can comfortably look out at their backyard from the living area.

Though onsite access was difficult, Alchemy Landscaping stood up to the challenge of a relatively small space, breaking the area down into three key elements: pool, pergola and turf. The team used excavators and cranes to get a lot of the materials into position, expertly navigating against the constraints of the land.

As the enormous living area opens out onto the backyard, the pool was positioned front and centre so that it can be clearly viewed from inside. The turf was positioned in front of the pool to break up the paving and display the greenery, while the recycled timber pergola with retractable canopy and fireplace sits alongside the pool.

The Alchemy Landscaping team specialises in all aspects of landscape construction including pool paving, general paving, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, decks and turf. For this project they worked alongside the pool contractor, Nemcon Pools, to bring the homeowners Mediterranean dream to a brilliant fruition.

Alchemy Landscaping offers its services to Melbourne’s East, South-East and the Mornington Peninsula, bringing stunning gardens to life that not only become an integral part of any homeowner’s lifestyle, but an awe-inspiring feature in the years to come.


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