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Alchemy Landscaping Project 2

This standout project by Alchemy Landscaping was designed in collaboration with SKB Construction and Plume Design Studio. This luxurious space was created to pair the pool and surrounding area with the style of the house, creating a freeflowing indoor and outdoor entertainment area. 

Floor to ceiling windows act as a barrier along the long side of the pool so that you can view the pool from the dining table. Materials from inside the home are incorporated externally such as limestone to harmonise the space. Large Egyptian limestone pavers are used in various sizes throughout – namely in the feature wall and on the water feature – creating a tactile, organic experience.

The pool fences were pushed back to increase the lounge area size. Transforming otherwise dead space above the pool, Alchemy Landscaping planted Matapouri Bay plants and Crepe Myrtle for a refreshing touch of green.

The raw limestone continues with Filetti paving outside the pool area, and the retaining wall was artfully incorporated in the design. This ensured that the water feature was not only beautiful, but practical – serving as a privacy wall.


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