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Aqua Dreamz
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Aqua Dreamz Project 2

This stunningly rustic freeform pool was created by the masters at Aqua Dreamz in close collaboration with brilliant landscape designer, Lily Sabo of Sabo Design, who helped carve the unique shape. The finishing outdoor touches tie the overall space into the natural surrounding landscape, a joint effort by the pair, along with Michael Stephenson of Formed Landscaping.

The homeowners wanted a one-of-a-kind pool to improve their full-time holiday rental, and Aqua Dreamz delivered. The relaxed curves and dynamic contours give the pool a sense of pure rawness unlike any other. A combination of complementary materials produce a luxury retreat-like feel, while remaining secluded and personal – the ultimate space for relaxation.

Striking mystical sandy-gold ‘pebblecrete’ lines the pool’s surface, giving it a splash of colour and texture. Yarrabee & Castlemaine Stone Solutions’ ‘Random Stone Paving’ defines the pool edge, contrasting with the rounded deck areas spotted around the pool. The paving continues on in the spa, waterline, and tops of the pools steps and seating areas.

This pool goes a step further beyond its gorgeous design, offering low maintenance through its in-floor cleaning system, variable speed pump, magnesium mineral filtration, solar energy and gas heating. Guests can submerge themselves in the warm, refreshing water and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Australian bush without having to lift a finger.

Photography by Patrick Redmond Photography
Drone Photography by Kendall Monk at Saga Creative

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