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Aussie UnderCover
Aussie UnderCover
Aussie Undercover

Aussie UnderCover Project 1


Aussie UnderCover is an Australian-owned and -operated business that believes a pool should be a haven, not hard work. Founded in 2008 and family run since inception, Aussie UnderCover offers slimline, sleek, and sophisticated underground pool covers that make pool maintenance and efficiency a breeze.

Aussie UnderCover is built on the sound knowledge of owning, designing, and building pools – and this level of understanding goes a long way. These pool covers are intelligently designed to be both subtle and stylish, with a choice of manual control systems – cost-effective covers that are quick and easy to wind in and out – and semi remote-control systems, which offer a little extra sophistication and ease.

Aussie UnderCover’s hidden pool covers offer so much more than meets the eye – they help to regulate water temperature and reduce your power bills by minimising heat loss when the sun goes down; they reduce water loss through evaporation in the warmer months; they minimise chlorine consumption by shielding your pool from high UV levels; and they protect your pool from excess leaf litter and debris when not in use – thus easing the load on your skimmer, filter, pump, and you.


Aussie UnderCover

Tel: 1300 722 009
Email: sales@aussieundercover.com.au
Website: www.aussieundercover.com.au