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Cheviot Pools Project 6

This latest project by Cheviot Pools is a shining example of how modern living can be harmonised with the natural environment. Framed by beautiful indigenous Moonah trees, this pool project was executed with great care to avoid damage to these 80-year-old trees and to ensure that there was minimal impact on the earth.

Built-in around the natural landscape of the property, this concrete pool is classic in its design. Incorporating a deck constructed from sustainably grown hardwood, Cheviot Pools’ goal was to build this fantastic outdoor entertaining area with sustainability in mind. By turning an unusable area of the property’s yard into a stylish feature, Cheviot Pools has crafted a destination spot for the homeowner and their merry guests.

In addition to the seamless design, this pool is incredibly functional as well. The built-in pool cover minimises water evaporation and keeps the pool warmer without needing to use excess energy to heat the pool. And when the pool is not in use, the cover ] can be discreetly hidden under the deck.


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