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Enkipools Project 1

When Ian Barker of Ian Barker & Associates was approached by Wes Fleming (Flemings Nurseries) to construct the Australian Exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show in London his excitement was measured.

After over 20 years in the landscaping industry Ian knew what such an undertaking entailed. To participate in the ‘Olympics of landscaping’ was undoubtedly a great honour and a dream come true, but did Ian and his partner Scott Tymkin feel they were ready? The answer was an undisputed ‘yes’!

With a growing list of achievements they knew their technical knowledge and established resources were more than up to the task. Their greatest concerns were for their staff and their clients. Staff because they knew such a commitment would impact on staff in all areas of their business and of course only a small number of staff would be destined to make the journey to London. Not to mention clients because Ian and Scott’s commitment to their clients is unsurpassed in their industry.

“We use the satisfaction of our clients as the only true indicator of our success. Our clients were wonderfully supportive of our decision to go to Chelsea and therefore our time away from our business,” explains Ian.

The logistics involved in preparing to build a garden in London were considerable, but Ian and Scott’s planning and dedication to their work in Melbourne received equal attention. With the help of their skilled and trusted staff, the two directors felt more than confident leaving for Chelsea.

“Planning and communication is the key”, says Ian. And what of the Chelsea design itself: “The design was captivating,” says Scott. “Wonderful elements which are so essentially Australian – an expanse of deck, quirky Australian native plants, and lots of water.”

Enkipools are the trusted choice for home owners in some of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs and streets. The team have developed an in-house design and construction team that work together with clients to create pools to suit the owner’s tastes, their practical requirements and the property location. From small plunge pools to sizeable waterholes, Enkipools will enthusiastically embrace your project and cover all the services needed to complete your dream space.

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