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Enkipools Project 2

All too often there is a temptation for outdoor designers to indulge their need to be creative by designing overpowering pools. This is not the case at Enkipools with their in-house, sophisticated, experienced and professional outdoor design and construction service that transforms pool spaces into functional design places. Enkipools are the trusted choice for home owners in some of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs and streets.

At every stage of the pool design and construction you will receive personalised service from either one of the directors of Enkipools, Scott Tymkin and Ian Barker. “We work together with clients to create pools to suit the owner’s tastes and their practical requirements,” says Scott.

“At Enkipools we take great pride in our ability to interpret our clients’ needs and intelligently combine function, aesthetics and affordability. Being able to produce custom designed swimming pools for a price that is competitive with lesser-quality, mass-produced pools gives us great satisfaction.”

Living in the leafy suburb of Ivanhoe, the Holmes family wanted a pool for the whole family, including grandchildren. Down-sizing from acreage in Templestowe, Jim and Karyn still wanted a feeling of space and a pool that was large enough for half a dozen or so children and a spa for six adults. Outdoor entertaining was also high on the wish list, so a space comfortably fitting eight to ten people was required.

The pool has been designed with elongated steps to give the impression of a larger pool volume. The long platforms also provide a generous area for little ones who are not yet swimming to paddle and play. Adding steps and an additional swim out near the spa means that children learning to swim can move from side to side in the pool without feeling the need to conquer the entire length of the pool. “It’s incredible how successful this feature is in family pools,” says Ian. “Small children can push off from side to side; it’s like swimming an abbreviated lap.”

Even with limited space the Enkipools design team has ensured that there is ample space within the pool area (that is behind the pool fence) to house a lounge (or two) and an umbrella. “A lounge, chair or table is great, even if they basically become props for towels and hats, such additions add interest, form and colour,” says Ian.

To maximise the time for family fun and frivolity the Holmes’ pool is complete with many of the latest pool innovations. Paramount In-Floor Cleaning, Raypak Gas and Sunbather Solar heating and LED lighting systems all work in conjunction effortlessly with the AquaLink pool and spa system. Operated and programmable from inside the home, the AquaLink is designed to minimise pool maintenance. Filling the pool is not a problem in this case with a 22,000 litre underground water tank collecting all the stormwater before it leaves the property.

With the pool and garden now finished, Jim and Karyn are left to enjoy the space. “Pools of any shape and size are a tremendous asset. Pools enliven areas when they are in use and add a sense of serenity when they are not. During the planning process our clients are well aware of the commitment they are making in monetary terms and the value they are adding to their property, but quite often it is not until the pool is complete that they can appreciate the true value to their family and their lifestyle. It’s great to be a part of the process,” says Scott.

Enkipools are fully registered with the Building Commission, members of the Swimming Pool & Spas Association of Victoria (SPASA) and the Landscape Industries Association of Victoria (LIAV). Fresh from their gold medal win at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London, Enkipools will enthusiastically embrace your project and cover all the services needed to complete your dream space.

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