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GreenStar Technologies
GreenStar Technologies

GreenStar Technologies Project 2


For decades, technology has been breaking the boundaries of home luxury, but these comforts need not be limited to your home’s interior. GreenStar Technologies’ innovative home automation solutions can elevate your outdoor living experience to whole new heights, keeping every corner of your property connected and accessible. This technology extends far beyond simple lighting control, with everything from smart irrigation systems, motion sensors, keyless gates, and pool control, to sound and visual entertainment systems, all available at the touch of a button.

GreenStar Technologies’ solutions allow you to tailor your outdoor area to your specific requirements and extended wireless access points keep every component of your home connected and easily accessible on any device. GreenStar Technologies multi-zoning capabilities allow you to control specific areas in your home at any given time and the company’s vast range of solutions, including motorised alfresco shades, hidden technology – such as pop up televisions and stealth invisible speakers – automated heating and cooling, and even smart fireplaces, let you control and set the mood from anywhere in the world.

Designed to withstand the elements, the company’s range of exceptional outdoor sound systems, weatherproof and antiglare televisions allow you to encapsulate the romantic charm of outdoor movies without leaving the confines of your residence. For example, GreenStar Technologies’ outdoor AV system can fully integrate into your existing landscaping design, which will make listening to your favourite audio source as simple as one touch.

The company’s design and installation team work with various high-performance audio brands to design the perfect outdoor audio entertainment system that the entire family can enjoy. Camouflaged speakers blend perfectly into your garden while a custom soundbar pairs with your outdoor TV. Customised speaker installations flow seamlessly with your exterior furnishings, and by mounting loudspeakers under eaves and installing satellite speakers and subwoofers throughout the yard inconspicuously these solutions will perfectly merge with your décor. You’ll have a yard-encompassing sound experience you and your guests can enjoy no matter where you are.

The latest security and surveillance systems can also easily be integrated into your GreenStar Technologies bespoke home automation package. This clever innovation will alert your smartphone when unexpected activity is detected, providing you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Constantly striving to improve its services, GreenStar Technologies seeks out innovative high-end products to bring to the Australian market and improve its clients’ quality of life and ease of living. The company will collaborate with your builder, architect or interior designer to meticulously tailor technological solutions that work for you, all in one holistic design. This approach has garnered GreenStar technologies a pristine reputation for providing luxurious technological solutions to improve its clients’ lifestyles. Book a showroom appointment today to discover how GreenStar Technologies can take your alfresco to the next level


GreenStar Technologies

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