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Loka Landscapes Project 1

This whimsical landscaping creates a charming garden full of lush greenery and quirky features. Colour, texture, and structure define the design of the garden, which will thrive under constant care and attention. The planting layout is intended to visually stun at every angle, and to harmonise with the historic charm of the home.

Loka Landscapes’ aim was to create a vibrant garden full of character and points of interest – a garden “unlike any other garden”. There were thorough preparations made prior to landscaping due to a significant renovation on the property. It was paramount to get the soil and various garden bed locations back to perfect before starting garden set out, which Loka Landscapes handled with care.

The front garden sets the tone for the entrance of the home and is in keeping with the traditional Californian bungalow façade. Alongside original features such as the wrought iron fence, the garden brings new life and modernity to the garden, seamlessly integrated. Flanked either side by lush turf and thriving garden beds, the bluestone crazy paving provided by Granite Works welcomes all to the home.

Eccentric in the best way possible, the back garden features abundant ground cover and a mixture of exotic and native plants courtesy of Warners Nursery. Because of the variation in sun exposure – some areas are heavily shaded while others receive full sun, Loka Landscapes was meticulous in connecting all areas of the garden in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way.

A beautiful full-grown olive tree in the middle of the yard is accented by shrubbery, and the adjacent pool takes on some of the lush plantation in subtle moderation, allowing the space to be functional and beautiful. Loka Landscapes’ attention to detail extends through to the bathroom and living room, which overlook tropical pockets of garden down the side.


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