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Neptune Swimming Pools Project 7

Reminiscent of the gorgeous glistening waters of spectacular country billabongs, this quaint free-form swimming pool was meticulously designed and constructed to seamlessly blend in with the beautiful verdant countryside.

Situated on a sprawling rural property, the dedicated team at Neptune Pools were spoiled for choice with ample picturesque settings to choose from. The property’s stunning existing mudbrick hut acts as an anchor tying the modern oasis to the wonderful wilderness. The hut-turned-poolhouse is connected to the pool by lovely timber decking, which complements the natural setting and results in a cohesive final appearance.

A testament to Neptune Pools commitment to its clients, all aspects of this luscious oasis was scrupulously considered to become a harmonious extension of the property’s magnificent natural surrounds. To enhance the area’s stunning natural beauty, all of the materials utilised were carefully selected to embrace the natural colour palette of the native bush.

Seeking to preserve the stunning natural surrounds, Neptune Pools rigorously assessed the area to ensure the original landscape was maintained even after the pool was built. Braving new territory with this ambitious design, the highly talented team confidently navigated the difficult task of building this pool by working with the lagoon’s shape to create a natural and cohesive aesthetic, without disturbing the gorgeous, protected trees that adorn the property.

Adhering to the client’s brief, this striking pool exudes tranquillity, and offers both relaxation and entertainment options. Boasting a large, shallow beach area that is perfect for sitting back and keeping cool on those hot summer days, as well as sun loungers and a fully equipped poolhouse, this sumptuous swimming pool provides a peaceful retreat from the stresses of life.

Carefully designed to heighten the natural and peaceful atmosphere, the pool features submerged natural rocks to allow for seamless integration with the stunning bushland. Playing the gentle sounds of running water, a speaker embedded into the rocks adds a calming audio element to the design, as a testament to Neptune Pools’ attention to detail.


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